When emptiness become a gift

When everything becomes empty. How does it feel? And how does it make you react?

Perhaps emptiness scares you. And perhaps you prefer to run as soon as it is reach you. Run to fill the void with activity and doing Tomheten emptinessthings all the time. Escape into routine. Or do you disappear into the world of thoughts and build fantasies of tomorrow?

Or can you fall into the emptiness with trust that you will not disappear into nothing. Just to stay in the void of nothing. Embrace it and see what it wants …

What is emptiness and what can you do with it. Perhaps emptiness, is the home of sorrow and a large unknown darkness. Your own depth without an end. Or is it the mother of all beginnings. Where seeds and sparks are born from nothing. Maybe emptiness are both, everything and nothing?Tomheten emptiness

If  you dare to stay in the emptiness without rush into what you already know, you will surely find out. The question is rather what can you do to stay and just let yourself be embraced by the emptiness without being afraid. So that you do not freeze or flee into the already known.

You can breathe and observe yourself. Accept that you do not know. Take several long deep breath and welcome the uncertainty. Be with it and rest in it. Allow yourself not to understand, not to figure out what should come next. It’s totally okay to fall into darkness.

Some ideas that could be of help when falling. Find a picture or an association that you can be friend with when you face the emptiness! You fall into your lover’s arms with the knowledge and confidence that she/he will receive you. If you are into skydiving and other extremsports use thoose memorys. Or maybe you out of curiosity, go through a door you do not know where it leads.

Let go of your own control and the desire to know all the time and the gift of emptiness are waiting for you.

Tomheten emptinessStay in the emptiness that arrivs without words, unfolds and just is. Stay there and wait! Wait without waiting for something special. When you completely let go of that now something must happen. Then it happens! Out of the darkness a first spark rises of something completely new. A solution. A path. Your very own expression. A gift to you and to the world.

When the new are just born, be careful with it since it for the first time reach the morning light. Nurse, talk and feed it. Give it time and awerness. And the best way you can show appriciation is to give it life.

How does your emptiness look like and what do you do when it comes? Tell and share, to me or to the world.