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Dear Friend – to give is to receive! Just returned from a fantastic journey to a mythical Peru, amazing views and great people! Give We were invited to take part of their culture, history and the ancient Inca mysteries. A journey that is difficult to explain in words and even harder is to give back to the people who so generously have shared their heritage. Continue reading!

When emptiness become a gift:  When emptiness become a gift TomhetWhen everything becomes empty. How does it feel? And how does it make you react? Perhaps emptiness scares you. And perhaps you prefer to run as soon as it is reach you. Continue reading!

Your body! What do you know about your best friend? Your body is a friend that you bring with you every day. Kropp Body Whether you hate it or love it, the body is with you 24 hours a day. Is it big, small, tall or short? However your body looks you always have a friend with you with … Continue reading!


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