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Talks about mindfulness our mindfull talks!

Do you want inspiration to an event or a meeting? As a mindfulness instructor and with more than 15 years as a business woman I can help create mindfull talks that you and your organisation will benefit from. I have several years of experience to give talks that are useful, effective and inspiring . Mindfull Talks like; Mindful Business, to be present in the now and what happens with my body during meditation. You can choose to focus and go deep in any of the areas below, or you can pick a “smorgasbord” of those areas that suits you and your business.

Different mindfull talks
1. Mindful Business. How you can train yourself and your staff to Mindfull Talks become more focus and effective. And at the same time get tid of stress and anxiety.

2. What happens in the body when you are mindfull.Latest research on what happens in the body and what happens to stress, sleep and general health, when practicing mindfulness.

3. The Mindfulness story. History and philosophy. What is mindfulness and what is not? Misunderstandings and clarifications!

4. Workshop- I share simple exercises to get back to the presentusing the body and the breath.

Who can benefit from Mindfull Talks?
Everybody, there is something to be gained for all. Mindfulness is not just to unwind or stress out. Mindfulness can for example; make you more focused, get optimal energy when you need top perform. You get a better understanding of your body, which in turn helps you to better sleep and healthier habits.

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