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About me
Din inre värld means – your inner world and are my collected experience and thoughts on life where I hope to give you a new perspective on our everyday journey to get home!

Your inner world My name is Jane and I have always been curious about life’s big and small mysteries. My curiosity has taken me to all the world’s five continents! Mainly to met other cultures and their history. The trips have not just been to exotic places far away. Sometimes the journeys in my own back yard that brought me the greatest insights on life. Lessons from my travels and life in general is what I try to share with you, if you like my words please share with others. And please also subscribe to your inner world´s weekly letter where you get post, quots and so much more.

Besides travel, I get inspiration from yoga, nature, music, meeting peoples, witnessing life, science and reading books.

So the blog will be a mixture of small everyday tips to get closer to yourself. Suggested reading, contemplations, recipes for tasty and nutritious smoothies and other surprises. I look forward to your comments and experiences so feel free to comment

Your inner world – if you search to reach home

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