Your body is a friend that you bring with you every day. Whether you hate it or love it, the body is with you 24 hours a day. Is it big, small, tall or short? However your body looks you always have a friend with you with infinite knowledge of what exactly is good for you.

The body has its own language, a language that we once knew, and listened to. Before we let the thoughts and head control our lives. The time before we let ourselves be guided by fantasies of tomorrow, or still living in memorys of yesterday.

If you want to learn tha language of the body again, it just takes breathing and loving attention. Start by finding a good placeKroppen Body to sit. Take three deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose! Feel the air, is it warm, is it cold! Feel the air passing through your neck, how it fill  your lungs and how the stomach is stretched. Breath out and follow the air on its way up! Feel how your stomach fall inward and relax. How the lungs are emptied and if the breath now feels different when it goes through the neck and out between your lips. Start again – take a new breath enjoy the journey down and the whole journey up.

After three deep breaths we start an exciting journey of discovery. Continue to breathe in the same way and shift attention to your body. Start with your feet and breathe to the right foot and the shift your awerness to the left foot. Feel how they feel in the moment, are they tired, hot our cold. Just keep on breathing, feel and observe. You do not need to correct anything you just let the body tell you its story without you interfering with your values. After you have let your feet talk, go up to your calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, hips, back, stomack, chest, shoulders, arms, neck, jaws, eyes, forehead and crown. Feel in and breathe and listen to the diffrent storys of your body parts, both the right side and the left side.

Once you have gone through the whole body, do you know  something new about yourself? What story did your body tell you, what does it need? Have you noticed any pain. Does the body want to rest. Have you perhaps find stored energy that wants to express itselves through dance or maybe to write something. Make the body journey into an adventure, be curious about yourself.

Your body may be telling you both sad and funny stories. Sometimes it does not say anything at all, be patient it is probably just a little bit new to get so much attention that it has become shy. Look at it with love and with each new lesson you’ve come closer to once again understand the launguage of your body. And once you understand your body, you have also come closer to yourself.

What do you know now about your best friend – please share!